Repair job - Paua Shell ring

Repair job: gorgeous ring with paua (abalone) shell.
This ring (not made by me) arrived on my workbench with its shank (the part that goes around your finger) torn off.  
To solder the shank back on, the fragile shell had to be removed from its setting. 
 I worked very carefully to pry up the bezel (the part that goes around the stone or shell and holds it in place). Once the shell was removed, I was able to solder the shank back to the setting, then carefully re-set the shell.
Of course I had to try it on.

As soon as it was on my finger I was enchanted by it, it's so beautiful, a little piece of the ocean! I'm happy I was able to repair it and send it on it's way back to it's owner. I think she'll be pleased!

Note: I don't often do repair work but sometimes I make an exception. Each time I do a repair on someone else's work, I learn from the original maker, and I'm often inspired. This gorgeous ring inspires me to get a little more bold in my ring making, watch for it!


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